A #film by Andrei Tarkovsky | A new film-inspired #soundtrack by Alessandro Baldessari

To enjoy the music fully, please, listen with #headphones or good speakers.

One day I was improvising on a beautiful black and white sequence from Nostalghia, a film by the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. I really liked the chord progression and the sound I found, so I developed it to create three distinct pieces of music to accompany the three main sections of that footage. And I came up with this electronic #soundscape.

I then prepared a binaural re-mix for them, to emphasize the immersive nature of the music. These mixes will be available on the EP that I’m releasing on the 5th of June 2020 on Spotify and other platforms. While wearing your headphones you will experience the music in a different way, where all the sources are moving within a #3D acoustic space.

To do that I’ve used SPAT Revolution by FLUX:: and I think the 3D technology accentuates the sense of time dilation I wanted to give to these tracks.

Nostalghia – Soundtrack Re-Work