A collaboration with Jessica Rimondi, an artist specialised in mixed media fine art.
Spectators were able to interact with a number of scuptures made of black sugar, activating vibration and music as they touched them thanks to contact vibro-speakers embedded in the installation.
I composed all the music and recorded most of the sounds during the melting and boiling process and throughout the creation of one of the prototypes to offer a true and deep exposure to the material’s essence.
The physical interaction of the bodies with the installation made it possible for visitors to discover a whole different sonic world.  They could fell, see, touch, hear and even taste senses suggestions coming from the black sugar. Everyone could elaborate and filter these inputs through their own unique identities and experiences, been immerse in an open, personal, imaginary world inspired by memories and materials.
The exhibition took place at Space Station in London on 27th April 2017.

Catch It! Got It! – Sound Design